Debauchery Cannon

by Debauchery Cannon

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This is a solo album by Kerri Hooper of Aesc & Embla


released June 13, 2017

Produced & Recorded by Asher Ally. Music and Lyrics by Kerri Hooper. Some music by Asher Ally. Vocals by Jesse Formosa.



all rights reserved


Debauchery Cannon British Columbia

Metal from the forests of the Gulf Islands.



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Track Name: The Flood
A flood of disinformation has fed our hate

An enemy our need for war has created

Repeat programming of a global fiction

To feed the misery of man, eternal addiction

Bite the bullet, don't open your mouth

A complaint will send you to the grave

One false move and they will cut you down,

Without regret, straight to the ground

We ignore our debt to the the lords of creation

An ever lasting unity, now our indemnification

The cattle are force fed oil economic propagation

This has spread to every nation

Pick up the pieces, discover the truth

An abomination of life, cattle for the wolf

It can never be killed, never broken.

The swine rule us all.(x2)
Track Name: Krampus
Wake up and see, this copy and paste reality

Pre-built for all of us, disconnect the masses

Escape from this hell the only way,

A reflection of the past flashes by.

We conform to a shape presented to us,

because we didn't know we had a choice

bending our will, to the men of wealth

because we didn't know we had a voice

Centuries of oppression,

From a ruler that is unseen

Domination of the population

By Satan's army of greed.

Break the seal...

That blinds you from your own reality

Shed the light...
on past discretions and accept what will be

Deny the lie...

And find out what it really is to be a human

Spread the blood

Of those who try to cover the truth from your eyes
Track Name: Overlords
Face the consequence of inaction

Disciples of destruction, seek our ends

They take the spoils and we are left with a fraction,

Dividing us until there is nothing left

The escalation of violence has begun,

The elite send their pigs, kill or run

We are the cattle, and they are the swine,

Kept in a state of pleasure, so sublime,

Faceless masters dictate our, reality

Keeping us sick to profit from our misery

A world divided by hatred, and drenched in fear

A world where the truth of what you see is never really clear